Feeling a sharp pain in the right side of your lower abdomen? It could be a sign of appendicitis. Visit Definite Cure today for complete diagnosis and treatment of the condition with minimally invasive procedures.

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On the lower right side of the abdomen is a pouch shaped like a finger, called the appendix. Although this is a vestigial organ, meaning that there is no real function for it to perform, it can cause trouble from time to time.

When the appendix becomes inflamed it leads to appendicitis. This causes a lot of pain in the abdominal area, particularly when you move. To prevent the condition from becoming worse, you need to get appendicitis treatment at the earliest.


If you notice any of the following symptoms, visit an Appendix doctor immediately:

  • Pain in the lower right abdominal area that begins at the navel and travels.
  • Sharp pain when you move
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Bloating of the abdomen
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Flatulence

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Appendicitis is caused when there is any blockage in the outer wall of the appendix. This leads to infection. When the bacteria begin to spread, the appendix becomes very inflamed. Appendix surgery is the most common solution to remove the pouch entirely, preventing any recurrence.


Before appendix treatment in Delhi, the first step is to diagnose the condition. A thorough physical examination is the first step to determine the level of infection. This may be an external abdomen examination and in some cases, an examination of the lower rectum. Other tests conducted to determine the condition are:

  • Blood tests
  • CT Scan or MRI Scans
  • Urine test


The type of treatment procedure chosen depends upon the intensity of the condition. The most common options are:

  • Antibiotic treatment: This is appendix treatment without surgery only in case of mild to moderate infection. An antibiotic is administered for up to 7 days to fight the inflammation causing bacteria. However, the risk with non-operative treatment is that the condition may recur.
  • Laser appendectomy: Appendectomy means the removal of the appendix entirely. Since it is an organ without any particular function, this procedure is completely safe. Laser appendectomy is the best option as the wounds are smaller. The incision is made using a laser instead of traditional surgical tools. The surgeon may use a laparoscope to get a clear view of the organs and tissues without a large incision or opening.

Traditional appendectomy: This is appendix open surgery that is usually carried out when the condition is chronic. It can also be recommended if the appendix has become inflamed and burst, causing a risk of infection in the adjoining tissues and organs.

There are no known preventive measures for appendicitis. Although the occurrence is lesser in people who have a healthy lifestyle, consume fibre rich food and fresh produce, the only way to prevent this condition is a complete appendectomy.

  • Minimal access procedures
  • Short duration of procedures
  • Faster healing
  • Zero scarring
  • Painless surgical options
  • Short or no hospital stay
  • Skilled doctors from Safdarjung and AIIMs
  • Early rejoin of work

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