Rectal Prolapse


A condition common in older women and women who have had multiple births, rectal prolapse can cause a lot of discomfort even with an activity as simple as sitting. You do not have to struggle with it anymore as Definite Cure has some of the best doctors on the job to help you manage the condition and find the best rectal prolapse treatment.


In simple terms, rectal prolapse occurs when your rectum comes out of the anus. This happens when your rectum is no longer attached to the muscles and tissues inside your body. It also turns inside out when it protrudes.

Even though this condition is quite rare, it needs to be treated to prevent it from recurring or becoming strangulated, leading to complications like ulcers and gangrene.

How It Works

The diagnostic measures used in any rectal prolapse hospital include:

  • Physical examination of the rectal area
  • Colonoscopy
  • Proctography
  • Ultrasound

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Although there are no exact causes that are known for causing rectal prolapse, there are a few conditions that increase the risk, including:

  • Straining when passing bowels
  • Pregnancy
  • Diarrhoea
  • Chronic cough
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal tumour
  • Injury to the pelvis or lower back.

Types Of Procedures

n the initial stages, rectal prolapse treatment without surgery is possible. Most often, individuals are able to push the prolapsed area back into position. Using stool softeners can also prevent prolapse at this stage. Exercises like Kegel exercises are recommended to strengthen the pelvic area as well.

In the initial stages, rectal prolapse homeopathic treatment is also effective. It mostly helps manage conditions like constipation and chronic cough that lead to prolapse.

However, when the prolapse becomes permanent, seeking medical attention is very important. It is corrected using two types of surgical methods.

  • Abdominal approach: This is when incisions are made through the abdominal wall to reverse the condition. This rectal prolapse surgery in India may be performed using a laser or laparoscope as well for minimal invasion. This approach is most commonly used in case of a more chronic form of rectal prolapse called full thickness prolapse.
  • Perianal approach: The protruding area of the rectum is cut off using this method. This is ideal for individuals who cannot be given general anaesthesia.


To avoid rectal prolapse surgery or treatment, follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure you eat food that is rich in fibre.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of fluids

Avoid excessive straining when you pass bowels.

  • Definite Cure is a leading rectal prolapse hospital in India. Our goal is to find the simplest, most effective treatment options that will reduce the recovery time.

    Using state of the art technology like lasers, we give you the advantage of pain-free surgery and treatment. Minimal scarring and short hospital stay are the added bonus of choosing minimally invasive surgical procedures at Definite Cure.

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