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Considering to get a tubal ligation done to prevent pregnancy? Opt for Definite Cure to get state-of-the-art facilities and technology to compete the tubes tied surgery in no time, completely free of pain or any scars.

How It Works


Our team consists of some of the finest gynecological surgeons from Safdarjung Hospital and AIIMS who have years of experience with this type of surgery. They are also adept in the latest practices and procedures of tubal ligation treatment.


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Types Of Procedures

At Definite cure, we use innovative, high-tech equipment to complete the tubes tied procedure. We are among the best in Delhi when it comes to minimally invasive surgical procedures. Known for procedures like laparoscopic surgery and laser surgery, our tubal ligation hospital gives you the assurance of pain-free procedures.

Not just during the surgery, even after the surgery patients experience very little pain, allowing them to resume activity almost immediately.


These modern practices also increase tubal ligation effectiveness. This combined with the experience of our doctors ensures that you do not have to worry about another unwanted pregnancy. 

Recovery is of prime importance with any surgical procedure for tubal ligation in Delhi carried out at Definite Cure. Minimally invasive procedures give you the advantage of small scars and wounds that heal faster. Our practices also reduce the risk of any infections during the procedure itself. Blood loss is minimal which means that patients do not have the additional stress of blood transfusion and related issues.

You can get discharged on the same day as the surgery. This also gives you the advantage of reduced hospital costs. For a reliable and affordable option, get in touch with Definite Cure today.

    • Highly Skilled Doctors
    • Pain-free procedures
    • High success and recovery rate

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