Laser Frenuloplasty



Laser Frenuloplasty is a painless and simple procedure for anyone experiencing this condition. Here are all the details about laser frenuloplasty in India that you should know before undergoing this procedure.

A frenulum is a small tissue that offers support and controls the movement of the part that it is attached to. The best-known sites of this tissue are below the tongue and in the foreskin of the penis. Sometimes, the frenulum is too short, restricting movement severely. In males, a short frenulum causes extremely painful intercourse and high sensitivity.



How it works

In this case, the frenulum must be corrected surgically to reduce pain and restricted movement. Laser Frenuloplasty India is the safest option for this surgery. It makes use of a Carbon Dioxide Laser which vaporises the tissue to correct the frenulum. Unlike traditional surgery, this process reduces the chances of residual scarring and is also more effective.

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Types of Procedure


Definite Cure is a laser frenuloplasty Hospital in India offering two common frenuloplasty procedures:

  • For individuals with Frenulum Breve: Frenulum breve is a condition where the tissues under the foreskin are abnormally short. This makes sexual activity extremely uncomfortable and painful. The retraction of the foreskin as a result of erection is restricted and can even lead to a split during sexual intercourse.
  • For individuals with Ankyloglossia: This condition, also known as Tongue-tie, is caused when the frenulum between the tongue and the floor of the mouth is too short. When it causes speech defects, it is a good idea to visit a laser frenuloplasty clinic like ours to have it corrected.



There are several benefits of laser frenuloplasty in India:

  • The duration of the procedure is just between 10-20 minutes.
  • Blood loss is minimal.
  • Laser frenuloplasty allows maximum precision.
  • There is no damage to neighbouring tissues and cells.
  • Scarring is avoided.
  • The results are aesthetic.
  • Healing is faster as the procedure is minimally invasive.
  • Success rate with laser frenuloplasty is higher.
  • After undergoing laser frenuloplasty, you may experience mild discomfort and pain. This is managed with medication.
  • Make sure that you keep the area clean.
  • You can retract the foreskin gently to clean the area thoroughly.
  • Restrict physical activity for a few weeks to ensure that it heals completely.
  • If you are looking for an advanced laser frenuloplasty clinic in India, Definite Cure is your best option for several reasons:

    • Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced.
    • Healing is faster
    • The procedure is completely scar-less.
    • Short procedures that last for a few minutes
    • Minimal hospital stay
    • You can rejoin work early
    • Best infrastructure and equipment

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