Definite Cure has one of the most advanced Orthopaedic facilities in Delhi. Every orthopaedic specialist in our team has been trained in some of the finest institutions and even has great working experience that helps them stay in tune with the latest trends in orthopaedic treatment and surgery. They are qualified specialists who have worked with prestigious institutions like AIIMs and Safdarjung Hospital to name a few.

Committed to Quality Care

We are committed to providing the most effective treatment options that ensure quicker recovery. With a dedicated facility with world-class equipment including high end arthroscopy systems, laser technology, computer navigation and more, we bring to you the best standards in orthopaedic treatment.

From managing trauma-related injuries like fractures and dislocations to degenerative orthopaedic conditions, our orthopaedic surgeon can tackle it all. Our high success rate in orthopaedic surgery is a combination of innovative procedures and the experienced hands of our specialist.

Preventive Care and Rehabilitation

  • Preventive care and rehabilitation also play an important role in our orthopaedic wing. We help our patients maintain the best possible bone health. In case of trauma related issues and complex surgical procedures like joint replacements, we have a dedicated team for rehabilitation as well. This includes our team of physiotherapists and highly skilled staff who will ensure that you are back in your best form in no time.’

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Affordable Care

If you are looking for the most reliable and affordable orthopaedics hospital, then Definite Cure is your best bet. Our goal has always been to help every patient enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Every orthopaedics doctor in our facility helps you find the simplest, yet most effective solutions to any issue that you may be facing. When you walk into our hospital, you can be rest assured that you are walking into a better, pain-free life.

  • Minimal access procedures
  • Short duration of procedures
  • Faster healing
  • Zero scarring
  • Painless surgical options
  • Short or no hospital stay
  • Skilled doctors from Safdarjung and AIIMs
  • Early rejoin of work

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